Whether you’re a specialist surgeon, a GP, a Veterinarian, a physio, or any other breed of practice owner, you’ve got something in common.

You’ve got a team, delivering some form of health-related service to expectant clients.

You probably feel under the pump all the time and you are left wondering…
Is it all worth it?

  • Tired of staff upheavals for a myriad of reasons?
  • Too busy to STOP and put in place a better way of doing business?
  • Sick of feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious?
  • Ready to experience a lot more abundance in all areas?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll love this.
It’s not your usual conference, it’s a conference with a BIG difference.

A Conference WITH Experiences for you and your teams that will:

  • Re-energise you
  • Inspire you
  • Give you clarity about your future
  • Show you a more abundant way of running your practice.

And have fun while doing it.

Each speaker, experience and process has been carefully selected to maximise the impact you and your team will experience while having an absolute hoot.

It’s transformational but its fun.

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"Provided more personal and business insights than the past 15 years of industry related conferences put together. An impressive team presenting amazing material."
Charlie McCormack
Practice Owner
"Life-changing again. My personal life and business had improved greatly since the last event and the next 12 months is very exciting."
Glenn Geissler
Practice Owner

Why I Created The Abundant Practice

Most events, lectures and workshops in the healthcare space are boring.
The energy is low.
The content is dry.
The experience is flat.
Plus, its a waste of sponsors money – I know, as I’ve sponsored health care seminars before!
I wanted The Abundant Practice Event to be different.
The 5 areas we’ll deep dive into are:

  1. CLARITY. You get clarity about what you want.
  2. STRATEGY. You know how to do it.
  3. PLAN. You have a plan of next steps.
  4. CONFIDENCE. You have the confidence to go for it.
  5. FUN. It’s got to be an event such as you’ve never experienced before.

We’ll have teams playing fun learning games against each other and bring out your inner competitor.

You’ll have specific facilitated brainstorming sessions with fellow practice wonders to get specific solutions to your specific challenges..
There’ll be drinks.
There’ll be nibbles.
We’ll have a laugh and you’ll even get to know a few people and develop relationships.

And of course, we’ll drill into some serious business strategizing to allow you to create your abundant practice.

The Fun Continues

Each of our sponsors are on the hook to make some magical fun happen too. Each of our sponsors will be responsible for creating a unique experience for every attendee in the Sponsors Lounge so not only can you discuss business, but you can have fun while doing it.

Exactly what that looks like… we’ll lets leave that as another surprise for when you get there.

But I promise you’ll have a ball!

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Meet your host Sam Bowden

Sam Bowden is a serial entrepreneur, a business mentor, an event creator and an investor.

Growing up on a 36,000 acre sheep station taught him resourcefulness at a very young age.

Originally a veterinarian by trade, he has bought or built nine businesses in and out of health professions, including two veterinary practices. Only one of these nine businesses were unsuccessful or as he describes it, “feedback not failure”.

Your Speakers At The Abundant
Practice Event

Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin was born into Mao’s communist China. His life is an incredible story of challenge and triumph despite overwhelming odds


Anthony Laye

Delivering unique presentations around the globe, Anthony Laye is one of the world’s leading Mentalists.


Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts is an executive coach with 20 years experience, a serial entrepreneur and a business scaling specialist.


Shane Barker

He has the unique ability to help business owners develop the strategies AND mindset to achieve sustainable success in their businesses…

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"Unique. Will change lives. Outside the box. Thanks Sam"
Michael Archinal
Practice Owner
"Brilliant. Life changing! Thank you for the clarity."
Rod Irwin
Practice Owner
"It was amazing. I feel like a new person. Amazing"
Gundula Rhodes
Practice Manager

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Personal Development

We’re going to be digging deep into the science of success. You’ll learn:

  • The Foundation principles required to create an extraordinary life.
  • Why you do what you do. The Six drivers of all human behaviour.
  • What are the key insights that true adversity creates and how to access them without going through intense emotional pain.

And more…


We’re going to dig into specific strategies and how to overcome the biggest challenges that you are facing right now, as a practice owner.
And you’re going to drive this because we’ll be asking you what are YOUR biggest challenges.

  • How do I overcome team shortages?
  • How do I grow my practice?
  • How do I overcome the overwhelm that I’m experiencing?
  • And most importantly: what does success look like for YOU?

Because it’s not about making more money.
That’s a result.

And, yes, you will become more profitable.
But it’s about impacting your patients and your community – do that and you’ll get what you want.
It’s also about loving the work you do, and doing the work you love.

Planning and communication

Now it’s time to make some decisions!
What are you specifically going to do and how are you going to communicate it in an inspiring way to everyone involved?
On this day we’re going to develop your game plan. So when you go back to your clinic you and your team will hit the ground running.
We’ll provide you with a highly proven process that guarantees success, as long as you follow the process.

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6 More Reasons Why The Abundant Practice Event Is So Unique

Reason #1
You'll get more diversity of ideas to apply to your practice

Most conferences are only designed for one industry. Vets, or GP’s or dentists or surgeons or psychologists. This means you are exposed to the same ideas so become blind to completely new ways of doing things. By sharing with practices from a wide range of health-related service industries, you will get hybrid vigour.
It’s called a MASHUP of ideas.

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Reason #2
The consperience is not about how to be better technically

The consperience is about the stuff you never learnt – how to create an awesome business. Most practice owners take on a business and assume because they are smart, they’ll figure it out “on on the run”.
But that’s a mistake… Take for example Dr Krista’s story

Dr Krista is a partner in Broadbeach Family Practice. She loves being a GP and loves her clients, but she felt trapped by her practice.

It was controlling her life.

In fact, she was seeing a psychologist regularly to deal with her anxiety around this. And she was at the point of walking away and just being a contractor in someone else’s practice.

Her mindset was that every consult she didn’t do, was income she would never catch up on.

I watched her anxiety rise during a 45 minute discussion I had with her about creating a better business model. Why? Because it was during the day and she was missing “consulting time”.

This is a thought process that is common to many practice owners regardless of the specific industry. It was the next line that tipped her over the edge.

“If you are sweating with stress because you are missing some consulting time, then you don’t have a business. The business has you.”


One year later after working with us she said, “This has been literally life changing”.
In her own words, the practice has gone from chaos to calm.

On a personal level, her physical and mental health is better than it’s ever been.
Her team is happy and fulfilled. Previously where they’d come to her with problems they now come to her with solutions.

And it’s changed Krista’s life and business in all sorts of ways, including having more time for her family.
And all this time her profit and team increased…
She’s doubled the nurses on staff and increased to 8 doctors on her team.
And her financial position – net profit has doubled while she’s reduced her work hours.

Her only regret? That she didn’t do it earlier!

Reason #3
There is technical science, then there's Business Science

That’s how to become a good doctor, dentist, chiropractic, vet and so on. You ain’t going to learn anything about that here.
You already know that!
Then there is Business Science. The science of creating a superb business from your chosen profession.
That’s what you’ll get the cutting edge during the Consperience.
It’s about how to create a practice that has:

  • Better client experience
  • Happier, more fulfilled teams.
  • Higher profitability
  • Better life balance.
Reason #4
This is for you AND your team

This event is carefully crafted so anyone from the practice will get immense value.
The combination of personal development with “in a box” business strategies, means teams leave with a high level of motivation.
It’s NOT rah rah.
And that means they leave with a plan of what to do when they get back to the practice.
We have been refining this concept with extremely high results over the past 15 years.
Many practices use this as a reward for their teams: In fact, On average 71% of people return the next year to our events.

Reason #5
It's designed to be an absolute blast AND highly impactful

Everyone is SICK OF COVID and the impact on our lives. It’s time to let your hair down while developing you, your teams and your practice.
Most conferences all follow the same format. Speakers with powerpoint and a social aspect plus or minus a trade show.
This event is going to tip that concept on its head. That’s why its called a Consperience – a conference with experiences!
By carefully designing the content, speakers, processes, music (yes, even the music), its like going to a Carnival that you develop at!

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Reason #6
You'll retain a lot more ideas from the event

We deliver this in a new way to facilitate “super learning”.
Many conferences are death-by-powerpoint. Lots of important information, so the expert on stage says so.
You try and write it all down and by lunchtime, you have info overload and your brain screams out “Stop. Im full”
However if the new concepts are presented in an fun or highly engaging way, it becomes easy to learn AND retain.
The saying “When you are laughing you are learning” is scientifically true.
To satisfy your scientific mind, heres the evidence behind it…

When you’re highly engaged or having fun, the brain produces dopamine.
When dopamine is present during an event or experience, we remember it. But when its absent, nothing seems to stick. The more interested or entertained we are in an activity, the more dopamine is released and the better we remember it.
That’s why a Consperience will have more long-term impact for you and your teams.
This means you are getting a better return on your investment.


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